lightning ideation

Need lightning-fast ideas for your social editorial calendar -- or are you looking for five new ideas to increase brand awareness?

We can fire up ideas quickly and autonomously or jump on video-chat to brainstorm together. We'll share our proprietary workshop tools to unleash your creative mind, so you can brainstorm like a pro.

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Let's brainstorm


We'll pitch you five, custom thought starters to help kick-start your marketing & grow your business. If you want to dive deeper, we'll create an activation plan to show you how to bring it to life.


Have ideas but want to brainstorm together? Our lead-creative will sit down with you for a one-hour session to brainstorm ideas. We'll share our custom workshop techniques to get the best out of the session. After the session, we'll send a write up with action plan. Let's do this!


When your team is fully engaged, you’ll get a better end product, no matter what you're working on. Purchase our workshop starter kit with lessons, tactics and analytical thinking exercises to help you build creativity with your team. Buy it once and it's yours for life with free upgrades.



Are you sick of bad meetings, led by nobody, with no purpose and creativity? 🙅🏻

Well at Coopson, we know a thing or two about the difference between a good and bad meeting. Done right, they enable teams to create ideas, make key decisions, solve big problems, build plans, identify issues, and align around expectations and goals. Done wrong, they can be a time-wasting nightmare for attendees.

We've been in boardrooms across some of the BIGGEST companies in the world and seen it all -- from start ups to tech giants to marketing departments. Let us take the best of what we've learned and teach you how to create a workshop for your team, run a creative brainstorm or manage a large meeting.

WHAT's included in the workshop starter kit?

her'es SOME OF THE tools we'll provide you

⭐️ Agenda & Goal Setting
⭐️ Storytelling 101
⭐️ Leading a Workshop
⭐️ Recipes for Brainstorms
⭐️ The Meeting Follow Up

We'll give you a number of techniques, tools and systems to implement at your next meeting. You'll receive custom templates to kick-start the session and provide the right structure to ensure the follow up is productive. No more bad meetings. 🙈 We promise. 

let’s Work together