activation & see my roaS

Have an idea that needs activating?

We've worked at agencies that taught us how to plan & organize events, get access to talent, write scripts, price & produce original branded content and implement across marketing channels.

We've also developed a proprietary return on ad-spend calculator tool (SEE MY ROAS) that can evaluate the investment.




We'll begin by creating an activation plan, a roadmap of the project and all the things we know you will need to get this idea off the ground. Budgeting, scenario planning and measurement plans are all included in this service. Let us make your dream campaign a reality!

timeline to launch

We'll give you a realistic timeline and all the milestones you will need to know, plotted out with key deadlines for each. The workback calendar is an important step to keep you on track and on budget.


All the elements required can seem a little overwhelming. If you are interested in having a team of specialists help to activate the campaign, leave it to us. We'll make suggestions on the best team and can help with the hiring process too! Find out more.

how can I measure SUCCESS?


Well, we can help. We worked in some of the biggest content, marketing and brand activation industries in the USA. We took some learnings and created a proprietary tool that helps brands big and small learn if the project is worth the time, effort and investment.

We've learned along the way that sometimes projects sound (and look) amazing but aren't so good on paper - so let us help you figure out how to tweak to make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

what if I just need some advice?

we can help in many ways

We're not here to sell you the premium package with all the bells and whistles. You tell us what you need, and we can share our experience, advice and tools to help get you from idea to activation.

Just need advice whether it's feasible (technically or within a particular budget)? - we got you. Only want help uncovering some pitfalls? We can build you a scenario plan for things you may not have thought through (like, do you need permits, do you need a sweepstakes administrator)?

Or do you need help finding the right team? From project managers to videographers to on-camera hosts to 3D printing specialists to blockchain NFT builders...or we can help you evaluate the talent you want to hire and figure out the appropriate spend based on your budget.

let’s Work together