At Coopson, we can connect you to marketing experts from all over the world, in different industries and specialties.

From digital buying to SEO, out-of-home to measurement, podcasts to partnerships. We got it covered. Tell us what you need and we will guide you. No question or speciality is off limits.

guy jumping in air with phone
guy jumping in air with phone

ASK AN EXPERT specialist


Book a one hour session with a specialist to answer your burning questions. We'll make it easy and connect you to a hand-selected professional who we've worked you know you're getting expert advice. Not just some so called 'guru'.


collective global experience = massive, vetted contact list

Our founders have worked in the industry (traditional, social/digital and product marketing) on three continents, experiencing different cultures and ways of working... So we've taken a little bit of the secret sauce from each to make a super sauce that's available to you in an easy, engaging way. This also means, we've met a lot of experts along the way. Our contact list of experts ranges from agency leadership to publishers to tech startups and everything in between.



Tell us what you are after and we will find a way to connect you -- or we can do the recon and provide you everything you need to know.

Some key categories include:

⭐️ Digital Planning, Strategy & Buying
⭐️ Communications Planning
⭐️ Insights & Measurement
⭐️ Marketing Partnerships
⭐️ Sponsorships
⭐️ Experiential Marketing

⭐️ Social Platform Management
⭐️ Social Content Planning
⭐️ Social Measurement
⭐️ AV/Video Producer
⭐️ Integrated Marketing
⭐️ Operations

⭐️ Talent Negotiation
⭐️ Stunts
⭐️ Community Management
⭐️ Post-Production
⭐️ Copywriting
⭐️ Content Development

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